City of art and history synthesis, Istanbul is exceptionally situated on both sides of the Strait of the Bosphorus that separates Europe from Asia. In turn called Byzantium and Constantinople, and in spite of the proclamation of Ankara as the new capital, the old city of the sultans is still the biggest one, the biggest port, the economical financial and cultural center of the country. Istanbul ranks high in the World Heritage. The most prestigious places within the Byzantine walls, the historic centre (comprising the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque, the surroundings of both the Süleymaniye Mosque and Molla Zeyrek Mosque), have been listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Istanbul will fulfil the travelers eager for discoveries.

İstanbul is a city where numerous events, fairs and festivals take place all around the year such as the İstanbul International Film Festival which takes place every year in April, the Tulip Festival in April-May, the International Art and Culture Festival or the International Music Festival which both take place in June-July.

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